Petrol / Fuel Filling Stations

We can now offer a complete Electrical installation and maintenance service to petrol/fuel filling stations with Comp-Ex trained and qualified engineers.

Why use Comp-Ex certified engineers:

Further to the July 1988 Piper Alpha Offshore disaster in the North Sea, the investigation report led by Lord Cullen, recommended that employers ensure the Competency of Personnel for all workers that they employ.

In the UK, the Electricity at Work Regulations (1989) made this a mandatory requirement and increased the standards necessary to ensure the competency of personnel, thereby increasing workplace safety in potentially hazardous environments. These new legal requirements brought about the need to provide a competency scheme that would both assess the underpinning knowledge (theory) and the competency validation (practical assessment) of individuals under one scheme and the associated Core Competency Certificate that would be obtained by successful practitioners.

Based upon the IEC Standards, primarily 60079: 10; 14 & 17, Comp-Ex is the global solution for Competency Validation and Certification for electrotechnical and mechanical craftsperson’s working in potentially hazardous or explosive atmospheres.

Potentially explosive atmospheres occur in onshore and offshore petrochemical plants and refining plants. They are also found in distilleries, paint spraying plants, flourmills, woodworking machine plants, the water industry and petrol & fuel forecourt environments. Failure to ensure safe working practices in these circumstances could result in the ignition of explosive gases or dust clouds leading to injury or even fatalities.

As our engineers are Comp-Ex Certificate holders it means that all our public liability and indemnity insurance are valid to the correct standard. Having work carried out by engineers who do NOT hold the correct certificates may render your own insurance null and void in the event of any accident or claim.

We have engineers who have completed the following Comp-Ex units:

EX01 – Preparation & Installation of Ex d, n, e and p systems.

EX02 – Maintenance & Inspection of Ex d, n, and p systems.

EX03 – Preparation & Installation of Ex i systems.

EX04 – Maintenance & Inspection of Ex i systems.

EX07 – Preparation & Installation of electrical installations at fuel filling stations.

EX08 – Inspection, test & Maintenance of electrical installations at fuel filling stations.

This means we can carry out services including;

  • Annual testing & inspection of fuel filling station forecourts, to meet with your insurance requirements and keep your maintenance records up to date, to comply with the Petroleum Licensing Authority (under the Petroleum Consolidation Act 1928).
  • General electrical maintenance and repairs of forecourt electrical installations.
  • Electrical installations of new or refurbished fuel filling station forecourts.